Champions of Kyr'ith - The Ancient Elves Saga

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Author’s review

My name is Jovan Hightower, author of "Champions of Kyr'ith." I tried for years to find a way to get my book edited without the use of a professional service. Trust me, I wasted money and time trying to take that route. Finally, I had to invest in a professional service to edit my novel so I could have peace of mind the editing was done correctly.

I researched all the companies available online and FirstEditing was the best. I have to say that from start to finish, this company was amazing. My editor, Dr. Marian, did a wonderful job. My book is finally completed and now it is on the market worldwide. I have several other book projects on the shelf and I will always use FirstEditing.com in the future. - Jovan Hightower

A short introduction

Champions of Kyr'ith is a fantasy of majestic proportions which plunges us into a world of mythological and imaginative creatures, whisks us above and beyond our mental constraints, and captivates us with its extraordinary mixture of incredible tension, romance, spiritual depth and wisdom. - Dr. Marian (FirstEditing.com)

Author: Jovan Hightower

Jovan "C.J." Hightower was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in the late 1960's. The youngest of four, his father was a professor of military science and his mother a high school teacher. At a young age C.J. learned of his writing skill by constructing love poems for his childhood sweetheart.

Once in high school, C.J. won several competitions and also rewrote "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer. During College he majored in English and wrote his first book entitled "The First Armageddon," which was later to be the second best choice for a movie script by Spike Lee. Lee chose "Crooklyn" over C.J.'s work.

C.J. then got his first professional writing job as a journalist with his own column in Northern Virginia. He wrote for the Loudoun Times Mirror and The Connection newspapers. Now C.J. has over twenty book projects on the shelf in seven different genres.

"We have a responsibility as educators, parents and citizens, to assist in the education of the children who will be taking our place in the future. Education has always been one of the major keys to the growth and prosperity of our community, society, country and the world." "”Jovan Hightower

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