The Genesis of Political Correctness: The Basis of a False Morality

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A short introduction

The contempt for ordinary people and for patriotism that the politically correct have is unconcealed. They have successfully infiltrated ... public institutions from where they can enforce their creed on everyone else. Importantly, they further get access to public monies ... the consequences are far reaching.' In the West, political correctness is the ascendant ideology since the rise of the so-called New Left in the 1960s. It has infiltrated the public sector and its devotees have gained access to legislative powers of enforcement and, importantly, public monies. Dissent is not tolerated. Dissenters, even children, are persecuted. Minorities are deemed victims and as being oppressed, while the majority are deemed the oppressors. A hatred of the West is aggressively promoted. Terrorism is excused. Free speech is not allowed. Only politically correct views are tolerated. The media present propaganda instead of the truth. Human Rights are corrupted into being a vehicle for political correctness with lots of fees for its advocates. Sex attacks on women and even children by immigrants are covered up, if not tolerated. Democracy is undermined as bureaucrats and international organizations highjack the powers of the nation state. The interests and opinions of ordinary people are ignored. Economies are plundered. High taxes are imposed. In Europe, the interests of the EU take priority over national prosperity. The 'chauvinism of prosperity' is condemned. Race War Politics is aggressively promoted. White people are deemed racist, unless they advocate political correctness, and a repopulation policy of mass immigration is enforced against the express wishes and interests of the host nation. The zealotry and conflict political correctness brings is the product of its communist heritage, going as far back as the Communist Manifesto of 1848. It has been rightly described as 'cultural Marxism'. 'Like vampires, communists lurk in dark places away from the sunlight of public awareness. For them to succeed, it is important that their activities are not recognized until it is too late. So they crawl about various government, charity, and other public organizations, feeding off ordinary peoples' monies.

Author: Michael

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