As I Saw It - A Sighted Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up With Blind Parents

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A short introduction

When a terrible accident left Roy blind at the age of 22, he didn't know what his future would hold. Then he met Diane, who had been blind since birth. Their experiences with blindness were different, but together they knew they could overcome any obstacles that came their way.

Despite prejudice, mistreatment, and assumptions about their abilities, they married, lived independently, and started a family.

Their story of love, perseverance, and family is told by their sighted daughter who captures what real life was like in this family.

"Sometimes we see the challenges of others more than we see their gifts. As I Saw It is full of heartwarming stories, while not sugar-coating the difficult realities associated with being a child of blind parents in the 70s."

-Sharon Pope, Life Coach & Best-Selling Author

Author: Laura

Laura Schriner is the sighted daughter of blind parents. As an industrious child, she sometimes tried to use her parents' disability to her advantage. She quickly learned, however, that her parents didn't need sight to be astutely aware. She is an avid hiker and has hiked all over the United States. She currently works as an engineer and lives in Southern California with her rescue cats.

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