Suicide by Death

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Author’s review

I felt that my editor and I did sort of a "mind meld." He seemed to have picked up my style of writing right away. He also found grammar errors I wouldn't have if you circled them with a red marks-a-lot! Errors like that cost me several hundred dollars to fix with other editors. I am not seeking perfection with my editor, just very close.
I will use FirstEditing again, and Nick is my new go to guy.



A short introduction

For several years, Clair has made trying to end her life a pastime. With many attempts and as many failures, she now feels that she is once again at the end of her rope, and this time, a short rope it is.

It is a safe bet that almost everyone has had to deal with a suicide in their lives, and if you haven't, you'll just have to wait your turn. I hope to shed some light on this touchy subject. The story and its characters are broken and jagged, the language is raw, but it is real. Heck, darn and oh shoot don't seem to have the same punch as their crude counterparts, so if you are offended, try and get over it; the message is far greater than the language.

Author: Mark Anthony Waters

Mark wrote his first short novel in the seventh grade; "Destination Venus." It went nowhere, but it "lit a fire." It took a while, but nearly forty-three years later, he made writing a career after moving to Rockport in 2009 with his wife of thirty-seven years, Beth, who together have three grown children. Mark owned and operated an adolescent drug and alcohol treatment program in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has served as a board member for a local community theater and a food bank network in West Texas. He has been an active member of various civic organizations including Rotary International and is a current member of the Rockport Writers Group and the Rockport/Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

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