The Velvet Rope

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I had two editing rounds by two different editors. The feedback they provided was inspiring.

A short introduction

What kind of an idiot takes a part-time job only to be spat on, physically threatened, ridiculed, and disrespected? Well, it could easily be argued that I'm that kind of an idiot because - at the unlikely age of thirty - I decided to moonlight as a nightclub doorman.

The Velvet Rope is a semi-autobiographical novel based on my personal experiences as a bouncer in downtown Vancouver, BC during the 1990s. Each chapter provides a humorous, often hilarious, look of what happens when alcohol, competitive testosterone, and the unlikeliest of friends find themselves just trying to make it home safely at the end of each shift.

The book provides an inside look at doorman tactics, rituals, and techniques. It also dispels the stereotype that all doormen are over aggressive, steroid-monkeys, who are simply trying to pick a fight.

Author: Brent

Born and raised in Canada, Brent Lymer was reared on hockey, and strongly influenced by Canada's third official language, sarcasm. Since his days working as a doorman, he's worked in the software industry developing web-based applications, co-founded a successful e-commerce business, started a digital marketing agency, and actively raises money in the fight against breast cancer.

As many an employee review has found, Brent has many skills but no specific talent. Undaunted by this, The Velvet Rope is his first novel - encouraged primarily by the nagging of friends and family to find another audience for the same old stories he has been boring them with for the past 15 years.

Brent currently resides in Las Vegas, where he works from home, wearing gym shorts.

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