Discovering Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego By Car

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Patagonia is a region of South America, which makes up nearly all of its southern part. Its extension is more than 900,000 square kilometers and is divided between Argentina, which owns the largest area, and Chile. The journey to these territories means to be constantly in contact with nature, often alone with nature, always present and dominant, with thousands of incredible beauty expressions. The long coastline, where break the raging waves of the Atlantic Ocean and home to hundreds of beautiful animal species, including orcas, whales and penguins. The endless Patagonian steppe, where the legendary Ruta 40 runs. dotted with some farm, leads directly to the peaks of the Andes mountains. Granite peaks, overlooking azure lakes, where huge glaciers burst. But the nature of this region is also composed by its lashing wind, always present and always very strong, and its infinite sky, blue, with a few white clouds that runs fast, magnificent in its starry nights. Finally, the Tierra del Fuego, the last frontier of the civilized world, stretching out into the ocean as to touch the first spurs of Antarctica. Fragmented in its many islands, it is immersed in an extreme climate, but full of charm, and hospitable as you would not expect. The vastness of the territory to explore and many places that worth a visit, require a careful planning of the journey. This illustrated book provides useful advice for organizing your expedition to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego by car, a vehicle that consent to plan personal routes and to fully savor the sense of adventure you can breathe through this region. Following a route that winds from the Valdés Peninsula to Ushuaia, between Argentina and Chile, a tale describes places and people, also proposing little detours and excursions not frequented by mass tourism.

Author: Franco

Franco Folino started his activity as journalist in 1982, working for the most important sport magazines for car and motorcycle. In the same years he began to work in a private television channel, in sports and news programs. After he graduated from medicine and specialized in cardiology, he published numerous scientific papers in major international journals. Since he was 18 he started traveling in Europe and then in the world, independently. In his routes, the search for nature's wonders and for the contact with different people and cultures is always privileged.

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