Black Gold & Heavy Traffick

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Author’s review

My editor, Toni, did a great job. I truly appreciated her honest and professional opinions. She helped me polish my novel!

I hired FirstEditing.com after a good amount of research and was not disappointed to find that the perceived value was matched and even exceeded.

This is my second novel and I made the unfortunate mistake of trying to edit my first novel on my own. Don't even let that thought enter your head if you are an aspiring author and in that situation. Invest in your future. It's well worth it.

My novel is now in tip-top shape, polished, and published with orders coming in nearly everyday. My reviews are good and it's given me the confidence to start the second and third book in the series. I will certainly be asking FirstEditing.com for their assistance once again when the time comes.

A short introduction

Everyone wants to know who Michael Shields really is...including Michael Shields.

Authorities in a Montana town want to know if he is a local businessman...or a brutal killer.

Evil and powerful people in an oil boom town want to know if he is a man destined for prison or the grave and they are doing everything they can to make one or both happen...

A young girl in the hands of those same ruthless men, wants to know if Michael Shields is the man that can save her...or if he even remembers what he saw on that fateful day.

Michael Shields wants to know if he can be who he once was and he is in a race against time to find out. From the mountains of Montana, to the plains of North Dakota and down to the shores in Miami, he will battle evil, battle the clock and battle his own past. If he wins, he can clear his name and save innocent lives.

If he loses...everybody loses.

Author: Will Gray

Will Gray is the author of the brand new Michael Shields series of thrillers. He is also the author of several online and printed publications with readership in the tens of thousands. Will is a serial entrepreneur and the owner and co-founder of several businesses.

Will has had a passion for writing since his early teens, but only recently decided to launch the Michael Shields series of thrillers. Michael Shields is a former Navy SEAL that utilizes a unique combination of brains and brawn to bring down some of society's most evil elements. In Black Gold & Heavy Traffick, Shields deals with Human Trafficking right here in our own country. But, in the second novel, currently being written, he takes the global stage to battle an evil that is far to real. An evil that is knocking on our door right now and threatens to destroy our very way of life. Watch for the launch of the 2nd novel in the Michael Shields series to be released in 2017

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