The Great I AM: God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit,

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I really liked Toni's attention to detail and bringing clarity to my story. I chose FirstEditing because of trust, relationship building, delivery of material, and price. I was challenged with my inability to see punctuation and grammatical errors. After FirstEditing, my manuscript was polished with a professional touch. I am taking orders and I am now ready to present "The Great I AM" to the world. Thank you FirstEditing.

Debra Thompson, author

A short introduction

God is calling you to understand I AM is God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He wants to give you everything the Bible says you should have. I AM gives you the authority and power to speak two small words: I am. Now witness your life change from the inside out.


Debra Thompson is the author of the Great I AM and a children book: the Crumb Snatchers. She was born is Cleveland, Mississippi, and lives in Florida with her husband, Earl. She earned her BA and MA in education from the University of South Florida. Debra enjoys sports, travel, fishing, and walking on the beach. Her passion is studying God's word. Debra is a member of Scribblers and Scribes, the Florida Writer's Association, Heartland Cultural Alliance, South Florida Writers Association, and the president of Heartland Authormixx.

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