Mischief MURDER & Mishaps

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Author’s review

My editor, Virginia, was interested in making my book flow with the story line. She corrected huge mistakes regarding information in the content of my book.
I hired FirstEditing because they had excellent reviews.
I gained a lot from Virginia editing my book and learned what to do and not to do so her editing on my next book should be much easier.
I have given close to seventy books away. I have been told my book is very entertaining even by people who normally don't read comedies. I still don't know where I'm going with this book. I'm almost finished with the sequel.

A short introduction


A Four Part Light Hearted Comedy Who Done It Mystery

Hildy Brunner is an eccentric and outspoken retired seamstress living in New York City. She is spending her "Golden Years" as a matchmaker, introducing single men and women who are looking for permanent relationships. She shares an apartment with her heavy set, dim witted, naive twin nieces, Marcy Lou and Darcy Sue Brunner.

Hildy is very good at what she does but all of a sudden her clients are turning up murdered and she is the NYPD's prime suspect. Events force her to flee New York along with the twins and her Persian cat, Puss Puss. As they head down the East Coast, it's one comical mishap after the other with Marcy & Darcy, who continue to rattle Hildy's nerves with their antics.

Hildy has a deep dark secret and as the story unfolds so does the mystery behind this secret. She along with the twins, temporarily end up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where they befriend Anna Valasquez, an illegal resident housekeeper from Cuba and a runaway Shih Tzu named Maynard. Weeks later they are on the "lam" once again, heading to California and then eventually back to Florida.

Author: Beverly

About the Author

Beverly Wilson lives in Missouri City, Texas with her husband, Michael, four Shih Tzu's and a Golden Retriever. Portions of the material in this novel, as unreal as they may seem, are based on actual incidents. The personalities of some of the book's characters are a combination of people she has actually had the pleasure of knowing and were her inspiration for writing this book.

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