Thou Shalt NOT Be Full Time Parents/Danger of Loving Your Kids More than Each Other

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Always full-time lovers never full-time parents. This statement must rain in your head like crazy. You can't fall into the trap of being full- time parents. You have to stay the course and fight that spirit that says you must give all to the child. You must remain full-time lovers. You have to fight it. You have to make it a priority to be full-time lovers. I know the child needs you, but your husband or wife needs you more. Yes, I said it. We can admit that we will never hold down the lover part consistently, and now and then put being the parent into the mix. Usually, what takes priority is being a full-time parent. If you want to be GREAT parents be an abnormal couple in love. Go against the flow of loving your kids more than each other. The more you love your spouse the more you can love your children.

Author: Charles

T. Charles Brantley Ph.D is chief counselor at Strong Marriages. He has earned a double Doctorate and Master Degrees from Newburgh Theological Seminary. He has an Accredited Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and Diploma in Biblical Counseling from American Association of Christian Counselors. In addition, he has authored 22 national published books titles including: "Married Couples: Thou Shalt Have Great Sex", "New Sheets: Hot Passionate Undefiled Married Sex" and "Return To The Garden Of Eden". He is a radio and TV personality in the North East.

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