The Book of Kris

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A short introduction

Coming out for Carly Sweet isn't difficult; her friends and parents love and accept her. School work and social life in her senior year of high school aren't tough either. What's hard is letting her long-time crush Kris know that she's been in love since the day they met.

When Carly gets the nerve to ensure she and Kris share more than just a car ride to school, the next question is just how quickly she should make the next move. After all, Kris has a boyfriend. But that problem seems to solve itself; the girls start spending more time together, and Kris breaks up with her boyfriend amidst rumors that Kris and Carly have been hooking up"”a rumor that Carly desperately wishes were true.

Carly's battle takes place inside her own witty brain. Is expressing herself worth risking their friendship? Even if it does work out, what happens when they leave for college? With help from her best friend Ana, Carly gathers the courage to show Kris how she really feels as their time together before college ticks away.

Author: Jessica

Jessica Foster was born in Chicago, raised in Manistee, MI and currently resides in Midwest Michigan with her wife, whom she fell in love with 17 years ago. They live in their dream home, with 3 wonderful cats who are spoiled rotten.

Jessica enjoys spending time with friends and family, is a Cubs fan, and has an insane amount of allergies.

By day she works full time for a worldwide printing corporation. In

her spare time she writes for fun.

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