Take Me to the Pink Yacht- Once Upon an Ethereal Diamond

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A short introduction

A humorous, heart-warming story. Seventeen-year-old Aurora Derubati has a step-sister she never knew about who plunges the family into financial problems. Aurora is left homeless with her younger siblings, relying on strangers in the dangerous streets of Sicily, Italy. 

Until she meets Adrién. 

He's different from all her caretakers and makes her safety and security priority... only a little too close.  

Aurora has her first crush. She is a sapiosexual and is ambivalent about her first love. Adrien is madly in love with her and jealous of her date.  

One Christmas Eve reveals who her true love is.

Author: Vanessa

Aurora Diamond lives near New York with her husband and children. She is an amateur artist and works as a parttime shop assistant.

She was born to two South African immigrants on the island of Sicily, Italy in the late 70s. During the mafia regime, she became orphaned. She was inspired to write when she told funny but inspirational stories to her friends in New York about life in the orphanage.

Once Upon an Ethereal Diamond is her first book in the true story-based book series Take Me to the Pink Yacht. Her target audience is age 17+.

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