Debate of Light and Dark - A 100 Year Bet with NASA

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I like the quality and the comment from Jefferson.

A short introduction

This is a popular science book written in easy language, high school students can understand. The book is thoroughly against contemporary cosmology.

I spent three years to obtain my PhD from U.C. Berkeley engineering college. I also published some research papers and books. This book was written after my decade thinking, and should deserve to be read.

The writing of this book is full of joy and bitterness.

The happy side is, anyone who has carefully read the manuscript of the book agreed with the book. For example, former president of the China Science and Technology Publishing House and the China Popular Science Publishing House, Dr. Qing Su, wrote a five thousand word preface for the book after he read the manuscript; Mr. Jefferson, the editor of the English text of the book, is full of praise for this book. "My father is an astronomer and my sister is an astrophysicist at NASA. I can't wait to spring some of these ideas on them," he said. Adding that positive feedback from many friends, I believe the ideas in this book are worth to be considered and discussed.

Bitterness is that the mainstream cosmos astronomical community has refused to accept such deviant that completely negate Einstein's theory of relativity and the Big Bang. There is no possibility that I may have a voice in the mainstream, not to mention the possibility of a normal scientific discussion about the ideas of disagreement with them. The research paper I sent, basically were turned down in the hands of the editors.

I am deeply aware that contemporary cosmology and astronomy, under the guidance of Einstein's theory of relativity, in the smoke of the Big Bang, have been day after day deviating from the truth. I would particularly recommend to astronomers, cosmologists and related academics that it is the time to abandon the old cosmic point of view, and understand clearly what human can do, and what they can't. You either critique the ideas in this book, or carefully consider the merits of it, instead of turning a deaf ear to continue to squander taxpayers' hard-earned money, making bigger and bigger telescopes, report increasingly absurd distant cosmic myth stories.

Over the past century, our understanding of the universe has been rooted in Einstein's theory of relativity. What if this picture is wrong?

The book consists of eleven chapters organized into three parts.

Part I of the book examined the special relativity by questioning Einstein's "On Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" that exposes numerous contradictions presented in Einstein's theories, as well as some experimental designs that expose these contradictions. The first three contradictions are related to the Lorentz (Einstein) transformation. Five errors were found in the process of establishing the concept of relativity. There are chapters that give comments on general relativity and related experimental design. The discussion about time and space, the definition of 4-dimensional object event world line, and its application in object existence law prove.

Part II is about the Big Bang Theory Criticism. We used simple reasoning and logic to reveal the core of various complex issues and used simple mathematics to crack seemingly esoteric theory: Olbers' Paradox (why is the sky dark at night) is explained without any assumption, the Hidden Celestial Object is defined and compared to dark matter; the new theoretic explanation for redshift is presented, the doubtfulness of cosmic microwave background was discussed, and the immense picture of our view of universe was depicted.

The third part discusses issues such as why Horgan declared the "End of Science," why mathematics is old, and how to rejuvenate.

If you have a relative or friend who is a cosmologist or astrophysicist, please send this book to him and ask his opinion about the book. Thanks.

Author: Yuxiang

According to a 1990 article published by The Daily Californian, the average time required for a student attending U.C. Berkeley's College of Engineering to earn his or her PhD degree is 5.9 years. In September of 1987, I enrolled in U.C. Berkeley to earn my PhD, which I did three years later in October 1990.

To complete this book, however, I needed over a decade.

Immediately following graduation from junior high in China, I was sent to the fields as a peasant due to the Cultural Revolution, where I spent the next ten years of my life planting, growing, and harvesting crops. As I toiled in the countryside, I taught myself China's high school curriculum, as well as university-level mathematics and English, developing my self-studying ability. After the Cultural Revolution, and passing the National College Entrance Exam, I was enrolled in college. As I earned my bachelor's from Shandong Mining Institute, my master's from China Mining Institute and Technology, and my PhD from U.C. Berkeley, I mastered the ability to think logically and became proficient with scientific research methods. This gave me the foundation necessary to complete "Debate of Light and Dark."

Throughout the ten years I spent working on "Debate of Light and Dark," I neglected enjoying life and would endure many sleepless nights in solitude, brainstorming with myself. It felt as if I simply would not be able to enjoy myself until the book was completed, as it was always in the back of my mind regardless of where I was or what I was doing. Though I learned to embrace the loneliness that accompanied this project, in fact, I really enjoy laughing with friends. My hobbies include: reading, writing, swimming, playing ping pong, playing go, playing the bamboo flute and tree leaves.

Published Works

"¢ In 2005, I published Who Should Talk about Cosmos (谁有权谈论宇宙), a book from which one section, titled "Distance Mystique," was incorporated into the Chinese university national textbook.

"¢ The essays "Hold American Dream" (托起美国梦) and "Gordian Title" (难解之题) both won World Daily Journal (世界日报周刊) literary prizes and were included in the Chinese anthologies Finding Dreams in North America (寻梦北美) and Studying in the US "“ Our Stories (留学美国-我们的故事).

"¢ In 1988, I published "Computer Simulation of Management Operations Research" (管理运筹学-计算机模拟) in Chinese.

"¢ In 1989, I co-published with a teacher the textbook Simulation Technique (模拟技术) in Chinese.

Note: This book was translated from the Chinese version (光暗之争).

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