Breathing Fire

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Author’s review

The work is professional and completed in a timely manner.

A short introduction

The past and the future collide...

Alexis Carmichael spent her life and career searching for the archaeological find of the century. Her hard work paid off as she entered a chamber no human had set foot in for eons. She found more than dusty old bones.

Ladon Drake never forgot the beautiful archaeologist that found him. As he searched the Earth to discover what happened to his species and why the humans had forgotten them. Ladon pulls Alexis into the mystery that surrounds him.

Would the knowledge enlighten them or tear them apart?

Author: B.D. Snowden

B.D. Snowden is a Texas native living in the Great Plains with her children of both two-legged and four-legged varieties. She is a voracious reader whose book habit literally brought a small town library to life. One day, when she was unable to get something new to read, she started turning the stories floating through her head into concrete concepts on paper.

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