Shady Place

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The free sample helps make the decision easy. Virginia's edits and comments were spot on and invaluable. Her words of encouragement were also a welcome sight.

A short introduction

What if you moved in and your neighbor was your arch-nemesis? What if you were both competing for the affections of the fair widow next door? What if you were the only two who could solve the murders no one believes are plaguing Shady Place?

Those were the questions he was posed with when retired police detective Jim Phillips was forced by his kids to move to 55+ community Shady Place.

Pickleball, golf, custom golf cars, swinging socials, bad toupees, and Bright Bunnies (yes, Bright Bunnies)! These are just a few of the obstacles Jim faces trying to adapt to life in Shady Place!

Author: David

DAVID BYRNE has been a realtor for over thirteen years. Shady Place is his debut novel and was a finalist in the 2016 Launchpad Manuscript Competition. David doesn't like when different foods touch on his plate or when people are mean to animals, but he does like naps and making people smile. David currently lives in Ormond Beach, Florida with love of his life and two striped cats.

Please direct all comments and complaints to www.davidabyrne.com.

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