Sully's American West

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In 1863 a young Irish man finds passage to America, only to arrive on the eve of the infamous New York Draft Riots. That event sends him on a 30 year journey through America's Old West in which he encounters most every great character and event that defined it: Jesse & Frank James, the Younger Brothers, the Civil War, the Kansas Cowtowns, the fall of the James' Gang in Northfield, John Chisum Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, the OK Corral, the Western Mining Town Boom, Wounded Knee, the fall of the Dalton Gang in Coffeeville, and the greatest gunfight that every took place between Lawmen and Outlaws in America. Sully's American West, AVAILABLE NOW as an e-book published by History Publishing Company, is his eyewitness account of all those people and events, and more – Volume I was released in May of this year and Volume II will follow soon, with a combined print version is in the works. For more information visit www.edwardagraves.com or you can download it today from your favorite e-book outlet.

Author: Edward

Edward A. Graves was born in Ithaca, New York, in 1959. After moving to Oklahoma in 1988 he became fascinated by the characters and events that defined America's Old West. At first his desire was to write non-fiction about one of those characters or events, but could not find one that had not been extensively researched and covered already. And then he made a timeline of them all and discovered that it would have been possible for one person to have witnessed, and come to know, them all. With that concept in mind, Sully's American West Volumes I and II, was born. His fictional character Sully is a traveler, cook, story teller, and entertainer, originally from Ireland, who uses those skills to travel America's Old West while witnessing those events, coming to personally know many their characters, and accidentally becoming involved in them all. Both Volumes are considered Historical Fiction since every character and event take place (or could have taken place) in the place and time in which it is placed in the story. If you love America's Old West, Sully's American West is both a fun and informative read.

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