Bursting Through the Clouds: Life Reflections and Memories

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Author’s review

Although the pricing was good for the services provided, it was Christine's professionalism and her personal communication and interest in my book that sold me. I could tell she took the time to read my book when she wrote a book description that captures the essence of the book and left me feeling that this is a book I really want to buy and read.

A short introduction

A compelling memoir of Theresa John's childhood in the Jim Crow South and her journey to young adulthood in New York. Filled to the brim with humor, hope, and compassion, Bursting Through the Clouds is a true reflection of the life of a girl rising above a segregated nation.

Author: Theresa

This is Theresa John\\\'s first published book in her life trilogy. She is retired and spends most of her free time penning her other two memoirs. She is also working on a book of poetry and a book of inspirational thoughts she calls Terryisms. Her books are written as a legacy to her children and to inspire and motivate others to take time to record their life history. As she ages, she realizes the importance of memory care and has a special affinity for those suffering with strokes, Alzheimer's disease, and other types of dementia.

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