The Garden in the Hood

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Author’s review

Dr. Marian is phenomenal. I wish I could have her as a tutor. She always highlights the positives. I will definitely have her edit more of my work in my attempts to write.
Thank you.

A short introduction

The author begins this tale by taking us to this garden in the spring and carries us through each season to the closing in winter. The author describes for us the lush beauty of this garden uncommonly found among the debris of rural life and gives us a delightful feeling of actually being there as the flowers, birds, sky, and breeze are all given vivid descriptions which rival the most luxurious gardens of country landscapes. Playful animals are seen to frequent this garden during spring and summer months and each fills the author's pen with its activity.

Author: Rebecca Crosdale

Rebecca Crosdale was born on the island of Jamaica. She later immigrated to England and then to America where she now resides. She graduated from Stony University with a BA degree. Currently, she works as a Medicaid Service Coordinator, advocating for people with intellectual disabilities. Rebecca has cultivated an enviable work ethic and has combined her love for helping people with her love for writing. She writes stories about courage, friendship, trust, strength, life, differences and understanding.

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