Depths Of Grace

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DEPTHS OF GRACE is an intricate look into the impact our perceptions have on our lives. Understanding how those perceptions drive our actions is vital, because at times they are the foundations for our greatest hardships. We suffer from the raw harshness of the realities in our lives. Unfortunately, our concepts or lack of concepts of faith and trust can perpetuate more destruction than the events of life. Those areas, if false, are invisible to us because we are unwilling to see. This book looks deeper into the overwhelming desire of human nature to dominate and place oneself in a position of power and control over all things in our lives. rnrnThe reflections in these pages cover the devastating episodes that ensue as we strive to make ourselves the center of all focus and understanding in our lives, and the true disaster that comes when we are successful in doing so. It focuses on the wonderful, uncontrolled, and often undeserved measure of events that happen in our lives that we cannot rationalize so long as we hold to the understanding that we are the center piece. It focuses on the events we cannot quantify, or at times justify, but they lift us and remake us better in ways unforeseen. We look at how small we actually are and yet how beautiful and full of wonder is that creation. Look deeper than the shallows of your own understanding and learn the very Depths of Grace.

Author: hubert

Raised in a Baptist home, my grandmother, a minster of profound charisma and spiritual vigor, often spoke most clearly on Sundays, if you don't go to church service this morning to feed the spirit, then you don't need to eat dinner tonight to feed the body. I learned very quickly that there are things in life that just need to happen. Out of a strong curiosity of spirituality and out of a profound desire to eat later, I elected to go to service. As a youth, it became very clear that life would not always provide the most opportune avenue for development. Those difficult times became the foundation for lessons later developed. The struggles that I saw in early years helped me to cultivate an enriched sense of gratitude for simplicity and the earnest efforts of others on my behalf. Life provided me lessons in appreciating every kindness. By Grace and the strong will of a mother who accepted nothing less than all she knew I was capable of, I learned lessons of humility and strength and endurance from the world's harshness and cruelty. Good better best, never stop to rest, until your good is better, and your better is best. Life in service to those around me became a foundation for my development. As a young man, progression in the ranks of Active duty service in the USMC, both as enlisted and later as an officer, became my avenue for assisting others and ensuring their development as well as ensuring the proper development of myself. That tradition is still a part of my life today almost 20 years later. During such time, I have met some of the most charismatic and wonderful folks, devoted to service, and to each other. A continued focused study of biblical scripture and behavior sciences at Grace Bible College allowed me to look closely at what prompts an individual to make the choices in their lives, and what was utilized in setting priorities in one's life, and how that corresponds to what is directed for us according to the will of God. In all of it, I am humbled, and in truth I am privileged and blessed to have the borrowed breath that I still hold. I pray to do more with it for others than I could ever do for myself. If I can write a single passage or capture just one photograph that allows the smallest window of opportunity for you to see how blessed you are, even though your life right now may seem so very out of place, then I have again found my focus. There has been only one righteous, and that puts the rest of us in a category all together; I love the simplicity of that.

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