A Song for Somme

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Author’s review

Thank you so much to my editor, Toni, for her thorough edits and suggestions as well as her kind words throughout the editing process. Toni's edits have truly brought my manuscript to life.

I was so pleased with the professionalism at First Editing and am happy to suggest your work to others! I am excited to get this book published to the press, and can't thank you enough for your hard work on this.

A short introduction

After spending a few years in America, Lloyd Fox, a classical pianist, has returned to England in the year 1922 to study music composition at Oxford University. Upon his arrival, he reunites with Charles Atwood, his arrogant and affluent friend who served with him during the war. To Lloyd's dismay, Charles insists that in a post war society, jazz music is going to revolutionize the future of all entertainment in England.

Lloyd, however, is not convinced and takes quietly to transforming his experiences from the war into haunting compositions. Full of remorse from the war, a war in which his younger brother died in the deadliest battle of The Great War, The Battle of Somme, Lloyd tries to find the happiness that the rest of society has seemed to find so easily. It isn't until Charles takes an interest in a spunky and well-educated girl from Ireland, the independent and musical Cherry, that Lloyd begins to face his deepest and darkest secrets from before and during the war.

In a series of unforeseeable events, Lloyd and Cherry are forced to face a secret of their past that intertwines together in a way that neither of them could have ever predicted. As Charles takes to touring with an American jazz band all throughout England, Lloyd will have to determine whether or not he will live in the past or move forward with the times.

Author: Jennifer

Jennifer Malech graduated from Azusa Pacific University with her B.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Journalism. She currently resides in the Greater Los Angeles area, where she works in advertising, as well as writing on the side. A Song for Somme is her second book, published a year after her debut book, Unkempt Secrets from The War.

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