The Professional Security Manual Class 1, Urban Security

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Nice work done on time, and according to instructions!

A short introduction

How to defend yourself against an armed intruder, when all you have is an office stapler? How do you shoot around a corner? And just how do you handle the average ghost, when working alone on the night shift? Lt. Charles White, full-time security guard, martial arts fan for life, and our seasoned guide to the world of professional security, tackles these questions and many more in The Professional Security Manual Class 1, Urban Security. Charles also manages to bring forth unintentionally funny instruction, strange illustration (including diagrams), and gruff, typo-sprinkled prose that takes unintentional comedy to the next level. Meeting trainees along the way is the manual's editor, who registers bitter resentment for both his assignment and the author in footnote form as he chronicles his own downward spiral into drunken abandon, his continued employment with the ultra-macho (and entirely fictional) Dark Wolf Press now very much in doubt!

Author: Charles

Charles holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. He is the author of Nine, a sci-fi comic strip, and Ask Hymie!, an advice column written from the perspective of 97 year-old Hymie Rosenberg. Charles is regularly the Man of the Hour at local bars and taverns.

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