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Ron Maierhofer
"No Money Down"
"How to Buy a Sports Franchise"
"Memoirs of a Soccer Vagabond"

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Have you had dreams of playing a sport for your country? Or have you just wondered what it takes to become a world-class athlete? Memoirs of a Soccer Vagabond follows Ronald Maierhofer's journey through soccer, one spanning from 1942 to 2018. rnRon, a first generation American dreams about playing for the US National Soccer Team and how to achieve his dream. Along the way he played in nineteen states and forty-two cities as an amateur or professional. But he wasn't content to stop at playing. What happens when your playing days are over? Ron's story takes you along while he coaches teams in six states and founds soccer business entities that played across fourteen states. rnFinally, the ultimate challenge… Ron becomes a professional soccer team owner. The game plan to become an owner is developed and strategies unfurled. You will learn about the inner workings of a sports franchise—how to organize, how to staff, and how to market the dream! rnThis book is a must for all dreamers, aspiring players, sports marketers and educators, would-be professional soccer team owners, and sports entrepreneurs. We are swept into the cacophony of a major sporting event and you can see what all your hard work will lead to.rn Imagine if you can, sitting in a luxurious and darkened indoor arena at game time waiting for your team to be introduced. The playing field is a plush, emerald green surface. Suddenly, flashing strobe lights appear, swirling their multicolored beams around the arena. Then, deafening music starts playing! You feel your adrenalin rising and you are getting into the magic. Unexpectedly, a spotlight appears at one end of the arena. The light is focused on one of the goals, and it and the surrounding area is engulfed in artificial fog. It's game time! rn

Author: Ronald P

Author Ron Maierhofer lives in North Myrtle Beach with his wife, Sandra. They share eight children and nineteen grandchildren. He has spent a lifetime in the sport of soccer, playing at youth, club, collegiate, professional, and national team levels. Ron played in nineteen states and forty-two cities in the USA and Canada. He has co-founded soccer entities playing in fourteen states in the USA. rnA graduate of Cornell University, Ron was an All-American and inducted into the 1986 Cornell Athletic Hall of Fame in the same class with former U.S. National Soccer Coach Bruce Arena. In 1999, he was inducted into his high school�s, The Park School of Buffalo, Athletic Hall of Fame. Ron was a U.S. National Soccer Team Member in 1959. He was the founder and former owner of the Denver Avalanche, of the Major Indoor Soccer League, from 1980 to 1983. Now a sports management consultant and entrepreneur, Ron is the co-founder of Soccer Club Management, LLC, and Sports Club Management, LLC, national soccer training companies providing soccer enrichment and online learning programs to young children under the trade names KinderKickIt, Cornerkick, CornerKickIt, and Touch and Technique. rnThe author has published over one hundred articles on soccer in community newspapers and magazines. This is his second book. His first book, �No Money Down, How to Buy a Sports Franchise, is about the Denver Avalanche of the Major Indoor Soccer League. Both books can be viewed at www.sportsclubmanagement.org rn

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