Revengeful Sword

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Joanne is an amazing editor very experienced and the customer service at First Editing was brilliant - so helpful!

A short introduction

Realms, monsters, angels and beasts. Welcome to Revengeful Sword. The story starts in a not too distant future, four children live in the remains of a post apocalyptic London search day and night for treasure believing they can find riches to buy back their old lives. While searching amongst the London ruins the children become trapped underground and are met by an Arc; an inter-dimensional being people often refer to as angels. “Bouk” the Arc is waiting underground for the children, with a story to tell them. Bouk reads to the children a story of our universe which unfolds from the first Arc to the first mother to the last man. Stories of lost civilisation, forgotten technology and mighty warriors. Join us at Revengeful Sword for epic battles, betrayal and tragedy. Find out more.....

Author: Leroy

L A Roberts born in the UK London, I'm 35 years old my genre is Fiction fantasy

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