Run Like Hell

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Carrie may or may not have killed her abusive boyfriend, Rory when she whacked him with a hammer to fend off a drunken attack. Either way, she has to get out of Vegas. She grabs a gun and a duffel bag filled with half a million dollars in stolen money, and she heads west, for L.A. When her car breaks down outside Yermo, California, in the Mojave Desert, she's forced to hide out in an old motel run by a lonely man and his teenage son. She's hurt, scared, and running out of time. Rory is alive, it turns out—and he's on her trail. So is the drug lord for whom Rory stole that money. Desperate scenarios like this rarely end well, for anyone. rnrnFrom Josh Griffith--author of the Jason Chance mystery series (THIS LONELY TOWN, THIS SECRET TOWN, and THIS FAITHLESS TOWN), the riveting suspense novels, THE LOST MAN and THE FORGOTTEN PLACE, and co-author (with Michael Malone) of the NY Times bestselling mystery, THE KILLING CLUB—comes an action-packed thriller that races like a bullet train toward a climax of breathless excitement and suspense.

Author: Josh

Josh Griffith is the author of the Jason Chance mysteries This Lonely Town, This Secret Town, and This Faithless Town, as well as the stand-alone suspense thrillers The Lost Man and The Forgotten Place. He co-authored with Michael Malone the NY Times best-selling novel The Killing Club (Hyperion Books). The fourth Jason Chance novel, This Angel Town, is coming Summer 2018. Josh lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Adriana, and two cats, Picasso and Leonardo. For more info, please visit his website, darkstreetpress.com.

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