The Last Soldier / Nature of the Beast

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I really liked the personal service. This is the second book Dr. Vonda has edited for me. I am well pleased with the results. Very professional and it shows in the finished work.

Thank you Vonda

A short introduction


Nature has taught us that when a species outgrows its environment the results are starvation, violence and eventually cannibalism. Now that species is human.

"This is a well-crafted tale of a not-too-implausible future. The characters are well fleshed and believable, and the plot moves along at the perfect pace; this is a real page turner! You have incorporated a distinct narrative voice and your descriptions are quite detailed and well composed, allowing the reader to visualize the events, characters and settings. Very nice work!" Vonda, at First Editing

Dystopian- Action/Adventure/Romance Now available on Amazon

Author: James Weatherford

James grew up in central Texas, hunting and fishing along the Bosque river. His first paying job at age twelve was driving a hay truck; at sixteen he started operating bulldozers. Attracted to the freedom of life on the road, he drove trucks from Texas to Ohio and from California to Virginia. He operated heavy equipment from the solar fields of California to paper mills in Arkansas and Alabama; from power plants in Texas and chemical plants in Louisiana to copper mines in Arizona and a gold mine in Alaska. Now, with a degree in engineering and a desire to leave a track on the earth, he builds roads. Thru it all, he has been a student of human nature and has concluded that the Indians had it right. We each have two wolves fighting inside of us, one is good and the other is evil. The one that wins the fight, is the one that we feed.

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