Putin: A Psychographic Profile

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There are two Putin personalities who live and govern Russians—one popular, written in the pages of his loyal subjects and followers, and the other—the real one, which can be characterized by his actions only. For most Russian people the second, real Putin is not needed. A beautiful picture of their president is enough for them. Therefore, pro-Putin authors avoid the slippery moments when his behavior and his real personality become apparent. Many details have been smothered from his biography, and this makes it difficult to accept him as a living, whole person.

Author: Vladimir

Vladimir Zakharov, PhD in Psychology. For nineteen years, he worked at Leningrad State University in psycho-diagnostics and socio-psychological training. Vladimir founded the Department of Industrial Psychology at MIPK St. Petersburg State Technical University and led this department for nearly five years. He has numerous publications. The author of well-known books: The Price Russians Pay (2014), Putin: A Shackled President (2017) and The Russian Values (2018). Vladimir currently lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States.

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