Operation Traction

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the quality of the counsel and advice. recommendations to re-sequence the chapters and when to introduce characters was exactly the professional advice I needed.

A short introduction

Historical Fiction

Thirty years after James Hamilton was forcibly migrated to New Zealand as an orphan child, an unexpected inheritance draws him back to Cornwall, where he stumbles on a long-dormant WW2 secret concealed in the shared memory of the small fishing village he once considered home.

Mystery deepens when James begins clearing out the cottage he has inherited and uncovers a bundle of letters that imply the owner of the cottage, a retired lieutenant commander in the Royal Navy, participated in a clandestine operation that has remained suppressed in the core of the village and has direct links to James's true identity.

Determined to get to the truth of his past, James digs into the background and context of the letters he has found, and it is more disturbing than he ever imagined. His attempts to unravel the past reveal a shadowy world of British Intelligence, the French Maquis, and Nazi sympathizers within Allied ranks.

Against the backdrop of WWII exploits spanning North Africa and France, Operation Traction is a story of divided loyalties and extreme courage. A tale of love, of deceit and sacrifice.

Author: Daniel James

Daniel James was born in Cornwall, raised on the Channel Island of Guernsey and relocated to New Zealand as a teenager. He has spent a large portion of his adult life globe-trotting.

Now semi-retired, Daniel can permit his lifelong interest in history and his vivid imagination, inspired by the cultures and places he has encountered, to run wild.

Daniel lives in New Zealand on the rural fringes of Auckland City with his wife in a home surrounded by native bush.

Operation Traction is his debut novel.

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