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I appreciated the free sample because I wanted the editor to keep my voice throughout the manuscript. The editor was terrific and I appreciated all of her corrections. She provided consistency and clarity to my manuscript. I look forward to having Dr. Vonda edit my second book.

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This suspenseful murder mystery/ courtroom drama has bold twists and turns.

Introducing Miami attorney Sarah Reuben and her unforgettable, quirky boutique law firm. She has a civil practice with her twin brother. Funny, edgy and entertaining, Sarah makes the most boring case come alive. Her life dramatically changes when Gina, a woman on her college tennis team thirty years ago, rushes into her office in tears, exclaiming that she has been accused of murdering her girlfriend and Sarah must represent her.

Gina is a beautiful, talented woman, who marries, has two children, and at the age of 35, comes out of the closet to live her life as a lesbian. She divorces and moves to Miami. Her crowning professional achievement is a high-rise that her engineering/real estate development firm has been building named LGBT that is scheduled to open months after she is indicted.

The victim, an ex-Olympic diver is a personal trainer at a gym that the defendant joins. She is a stunning, sensual bisexual who never has lasting relationships. True to form, after several months she tells Gina that they are done. Gina is heartbroken. During this time, at Marna's urging, Gina hosts a fundraiser for a budding female tennis star at her home. Marna is to perform classic dives in her swimming pool for the guests. After Marna's first dive, as she is climbing the ladder to get out of the pool, she is electrocuted and dies. Forensics proves that someone tampered with the colored lights in the pool.

While preparing for trial, Sarah falls in love with Mark, a handsome, single, athletic, fiftyish hotel-broker. Her steamy, fun romance with Mark contrasts with Gina's sultry, volatile relationship with the victim.

Can Sarah get her client acquitted?

Author: Julia

Julia Barash has practiced law in California, New York, New Jersey, and now Florida. Her plum job was as an Assistant United States Attorney, Criminal Division, Southern District California. Throughout the years, she has enjoyed a general practice, always favoring a spirited courtroom battle.

After writing countless dry legal briefs, Julia relishes the chance to spin mystery/courtroom thrillers with the humorous voice of her protagonist, attorney Sarah Reuben. Her imaginary law firm is now open for business.

Julia’s claim to fame occurred during her senior year in high school. With the help of a pro-bono attorney, she petitioned the State Education Department of New York to play on her boys’ varsity tennis team. There were no girls’ sports teams. This highly successful pilot case received national media exposure and was a precursor to Title IX.

Julia attended Cornell University where she played no. 1 on the women’s varsity tennis team and then studied law at the University of Chicago Law School.

She is married to the only man she dated who could soundly defeat her in tennis. They reside in Aventura, Florida, have three adult children including boy/girl twins and five grandchildren. And yes, they give all grandchildren free tennis lessons.

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