The Satellite Dragon

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Author’s review

My work as an editor is a foundational tool to solid thinking and I always enjoy a second and third editor to edit my work. This is especially true about fictional editing when solid think tank editors review works for blurbs and forthcoming published author goals.

A short introduction

A novel about the growing life and adventurous concept of fictional characters, which play in everyday fictitious study. A compelling fiction adventure read that could keep its reader in a profound state of read in all ages.

Author: Steven

Born (Oblap Mejia) Steven Frank, an AMU Masters graduate in Intelligence Studies (capstone: Strategic Intelligence), has written a trade paperback book about Intelligence Studies and strategic stories. He is self-publishing his first book to be released hot off the presses in October, 2011. His birthplace is Hollywood, LA. The Sheqel is his first non-fiction book, and he is excited about publishing his second book soon, titled, The Awakening Laymen. His interests lie in big-screen movies and completely satisfying a doctoral study. He is currently beginning published author translation projects for his two books and is satisfying and holding a second Masters degree in National Security Studies. His third book is titled, "The Satellite Dragon," and Xlibris will likely publish it early next year.

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