Daughter of the Oceans

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Author’s review

I have my book for sale on Amazon, but the book didn't get any attention at all until I offered it for free. The reviews all seemed to go along the same lines; great story but bad editing. I took their advice to heart and searched the internet. I sent in my story and received a free sample edit within a couple of hours. I loved the difference the editing made and it still felt like my work (only perfect). I trust my editor and I feel she wants to help me look good.
I will be sending my book to agents, who I hope will help me finally reach my target audience. I hope that my book will stand out because it is now easier to read since the mistakes have been corrected.

A short introduction

Daughter of the Oceans is a story told in first person from two perspectives. Cassandra, a fifteen-year-old girl who lives a lonely life with her abusive father and Eric, a half human, who is hopelessly in love with her.

Cassandra has learned to hide from others even when she is in a crowd. She keeps her head down to avoid notice but one day, she has to look up. She catches Eric's attention but can't place why he would be interested in her. She avoids him as best she can and tells him that she isn't that kind of girl. She doesn't see him as the knight in shining armor that he really is.

When Cassandra is taken away from her abusive father, she is placed in the care of a family that has many secrets to hide; among them the fact that they are Merpeople with a long history of luring humans into the water to kill them.

Everything appears to be perfect but she sees telltale signs that things may be too good to be true.

Author: Jennifer

Jennifer Gropp, a Native American living in Germany. She is a mother of three children who hopes to inspire teenagers to read serious topics, mixed with something that would interest them.

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