Almost Demon

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Author’s review

Thank you so much, Marlene, for your stellar work editing my debut novel, Almost Demon. I felt so comfortable with you and your work it gave me the extra confidence I needed knowing that my book was reviewed with a professional eye. Your timing was great, too and am taking book pre-orders now. Almost Demon will be published this Halloween.
Thanks Again,
AJ Salem

A short introduction

Believe in ghosts? angels? demons?

"Almost Demon" will catapult you into the world of Gemma Pope - high school senior, car crash survivor, turned reluctant demon summoner.

The last thing Gemma Pope expects to study in the after-school book club is demon etiquette but that is exactly what she has to do to succeed as a summoner and save her hometown.

Since taking the blame for the car accident that claimed the lives of her twin brother and two of her best friends, she s been seeing things. Dark shadows, opaque, menacing, multiplying.

The clock starts ticking when the local mild-mannered librarian suffers a psychotic break and pulls a gun on her reading circle. People are dying in disasters and wars all over the world. Gemma s dad is getting weird, her classmates are becoming violent, and the darkness surrounding Harrisport is getting thicker.

Does she trust hot English Lit teacher Mr. Flynn or Ian, the mysterious new kid in town, who has knowledge beyond his years and access to other dimensions?

It is only when the gates to hell are opened, that Gemma learns who her real friends are.

Discover what lies just beyond the veil of humanity in the sleepy town of Harrisport.

Author: Ann

AJ Salem was born in Haifa, Israel to parents who immigrated from the other side of Dracula s mountain. She was just a toddler when her family picked up and made the big move to New York where necessity had her learning English from Sesame Street and weekly trips to the public library where her mother encouraged her to stock up on books. AJ graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Illustration and has been working as a Graphic Designer. In 2009, after completing her first NanoWrimo, she decided to make a career change but credits her previous education and experience to preparing her for becoming a novelist. When she isn t writing or reading, AJ is rearing her four children, crocheting and watching too much British Television.

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