Ghost On The Run

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English is not my mother tongue. Therefore, I really needed the help of American editors. Luckily, I found FirstEditing.com. Your service is fast, to the point, and pleasant.
My editor did a fantastic job in fixing my grammar, changing words when necessary, and fixing sentences. No doubt about that.

A short introduction

My name is Zachary Lim. I was not a bad person. But I did some bad things. Now I'm supposed to go to hell but I don't want to. After all: who wants to go to hell?"

Last Terminal is a supernatural thriller series about a Singaporean world champion Taekwondo who dies under mysterious circumstances and finds himself in an afterlife terminal.

Author: Stefan

I never thought I would continue writing but the impact of the deaths of both my beloved father and my eldest brother, brought my attention back to my previous interests in religion and cults.

In the nineties I was an active member of the Rosicrucians, a western esoteric cross-over between christianity, buddhism and even hinduism. After I was kicked out (too critical), I lost my interest in religion, but I guess that death -as it came closer- forced me somehow to write down my own ideas about the after life. Once I started with my first book \'Ghost on the Run\', I actually couldn\'t stop. It had to be a series.

I normally have a very optimistic view on life and on the possibilities we as humans beings can create, but now that death was running in the family, I started thinking about the possibilities we as human beings can maybe also create in the after life. \'Last Terminal\' with its first book \'Ghost on the Run\' will contain at least six parts, and an idea about a second run of six parts is under construction.

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