My Delicious Green Banana

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Author’s review

Love the comments and suggestions my editor made. English is a second language to me, that being the case the simplest of words can be an issue. As the editor helped me bridge the gap in my language barrier I'm learning as we go. I hired FirstEditing because I'm insecure about my English writing. The books I write are in Spanish and I translate to English. By editing my work with FirstEditing I was able to achieve Premium status when I submitted my book in both English and Spanish with SmashWords.

A short introduction

The adorable story of a little Portuguese Monk and his love for green bananas. He tells the different delicious ways plantains can be cooked, which are food staples introduced by Europeans in the 1500's; and spread all over the Americas. The book is full of beautiful illustrations for young children to enjoy.

Author: Maria

My name is Maria Chavez. I am the oldest of five children. I live in the State of Massachusetts, with my three beautiful daughters. Raised in a modest middle class family, I was blessed to have a wonderful childhood, with great parents that could provide for me and my siblings. We had a chance to constantly travel at a very young age. They also introduced me to the wonderful world of reading. All my life I have found comfort, relaxation and enjoyment in the wonderful pages of a good book. My love for reading and my passion for history kept me immersed in the magnificent world of literature.

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