The Servant Series 1 Peter

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A short introduction

Peter's life as an Apostle is the final pouring of the foundation in which the church will advance until Christ return. Peter's recording of the breath of God is also the recording of the gospel applied in his life. Peter's witness and final journey of faithfulness to his cross which Jesus prophesied is evidence that Christ is living and ruling. The call to the Christian was to be those aliens and strangers that they are in the world that use to be their home by putting off that old way of life and to live such good lives to make Christ known. For the Christian all of life is now missional for the name of Christ to be glorified.

Author: Cary

Cary Holbert, President of Dirty Feet Ministries Inc, simple-to-the-point tomes (MDIV, SPHR, SHRM-SPC) was born in Milton, West Virginia, the oldest of 6 children. For 29 years he struggled for a sense of purpose and meaning to life while just going through the motions of living. Darkness has consumed me and hopelessness is my heart. I long to cry, but death is my master and liberty beyond reach. I was a prisoner by choice with no key to unlock my shackles. I did not call for help nor cared. Then from a distance while working as a Business Manager in the Automobile business in 1986 I heard a sound like the blowing of wind rustling through the trees. The rushing wind penetrated deep into my soul. It was the Son of Man who saw me in despair. The light of the gospel has come to awaken my dead soul. The screams of death have left me and the Holy Spirit has taken up residence. Life has overtaken me and I now see the Son of God, my Christ, my Savior and what I could not do He has done. My soul is overcome with joy and expressed with shouts of praise that shatter glass. My being is now an offering for His service.

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