Delhi Is Yet Afar

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Hi Denise

Thank you very much for editing my book. You have done a fantastic job!

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A short introduction

Delhi Is Yet Afar is a book about the experiences of five close friends who toured thirteen countries. It is an absorbing account of the places, peoples and cultures of the places they visited that many would never consider as their next holiday destination. This is a book that will also take you on a journey and make you laugh at many of the amusing anecdotes told.

Countries visited: Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Syria, Jordan, India, Mexico, Lebanon, Kenya, China, Israel and Palestine, Cuba.

Author: Raghbir

"Delhi Is Yet Afar" is Raj Gill's first book. He works as a free-lance interpreter and translator. Prior to this he spent over 25 years as a technical specialist and consultant in the paper manufacturing industry. During his career, Raj has published over 45 scientific papers for journals and international conference proceedings. Raj is currently working on another project which he also intends to publish. Raj likes to read literature on travel, history, and culture.

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