The Girl on the Ferry

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The Girl on the Ferry
  • Author: Doug, USA
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Author’s review

I liked my editor's "personal touch'. In other words, it was obvious she had actually read it!

I hesitated to have my book edited before publishing because of the cost. Although my book sold relatively well, I did get some criticism about it not being well edited. I changed my mind then and decided to proceed with a full proofreading edit. In retrospect, I should have had the work edited before it was released and will do so for my next novel.

A short introduction

The "Girl on the Ferry" will make you smile, sometimes laugh aloud, and occasionally suppress a tear or two. The main character and narrator is 97-year-old Freya Anna Bergman who is madly but secretly in love with her best friend Leslie. Unfortunately, Leslie fell in love with Marshall shattering Freya's world. That's not the end of it, however; far from it.

It is now a lifetime later and Freya has been commissioned by the family to write the early history of her friends Leslie and Marshall Davenport. The novel becomes a first person revelation of Freya's love for Leslie quickly revealing the fact that one of the greatest tragedies of her life was when Marshall picked Leslie out of the crowd aboard the Wolfe Island Ferry that very bright July morning so long ago. Freya is sometimes cynical but always intriguing. She is compassionate and loving but with attitude. She talks about everything, from love, to sex, to birth and death, often digressing but always returning to the subject of her love for Leslie and the family that grew up around the three of them. It is all very entertaining. Freya is a character and someone you will come to love, just as you will come to love Leslie and Marshall and the children. "The Girl on the Ferry" is not so much about a lesbian love affair than about love - love of the purest kind.

In the end, "The Girl on the Ferry" is often humorous and just as often poignant. It is a great read.

Author: Doug

j.d. Reid lives an ageless but eclectic lifestyle immersed in isolation, beautiful views, dark skies, and a deep passion to write. He likes music, art, English literature, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, entomology, psychology, even religion, but finds all of us the most interesting of all. He has holed himself up on an island where the Great Lakes merge into the St Lawrence River to see what happens. He is a Canadian and a proud American. He has English roots, some Scottish peat in his blood, and even a tingle of the Irish.

Reid has a pact to restrict his writing solely to the mystery and beauty in the world. He does little to promote his work and hopes readers will do that for him by simply reading it.

He can be contacted at when the wind is right.

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