My Grandmother Was From Wales

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Author’s review

I have had Joanne edit my manuscript in the process of three times now and I feel she is very thorough, communicates well, and she makes me feel secure in my writing.I have been working with her since February of 2012 and will continue to work with her hopefully in the future either on this manuscript, or another one.I am almost done with the editing and look forward to finishing up with post editing work with Joanne.

The book below was published back in 2004; I did not have it edited through first editing but thought I would let you know about it anyway. As it was my first attempt, and I did not know about first editing, and the current book I am working on with Joanne is a totally different genre and much more difficult, I turned to first editing because I needed some professional editing.


A short introduction

Memoir of Jane Edwards Champlin,pioneer woman whose parents were form Wales, settled in Oklahoma in the early 1920's. Depicts the story of her life as told by granddaughter,Elizabeth Thomas Rook.

The web site is www.mgwfw.com

Author: ETRook

ET Rook, Oklahoma native, lives in California with her husband and two sons. My Grandmother was form Wales is her is her first published work.

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