Echocardiography Beyond the First Clinical Scenarios

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I am very satisfied with the editing of my book: Echocardiography Beyond the First Clinical Scenarios.
Even when you are thinking that you have done everything perfect, the FirstEditing.com can find the best way to express your feelings very smoothly, clearly, and professionally for your readers.
Thank you,
Hector Garcia

A short introduction

This book have been done due to the need for information on this subject. It is presented in a format for easy understanding and use for students, graduates, and those entering into a position in the field of echocardiography.

There are several textbooks explaining the complete theory; but my book is all about what the student needs to know immediately after graduation, in order to meet the fundamental base of knowledge and requirements to procure employment in the field.

This is also a very useful guide for ultrasonographers who have not attended a traditional echocardiograph course; however, who would like to cross-train in order to provide multi-specialty sonography to their physician or physicians.

Author: Hector

Hector Garcia, graduated as a Doctor of Medicine 22 years ago and as a specialist in Cardiology 16 years ago in Cuba. In the Unites States, he has had the opportunity to achieve the accreditations of RDCS, RPVI, RVT, ARDMS-Ab

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