The Day I Said Goodbye to the Birds

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Author’s review

Thank you so much for your great editing work. I am truly delighted to receive this magnificent version.

With Kind Regards,
Anne Sharabiani

A short introduction

The poems in this volume were born from love, loneliness, and the beauty of Finnish seasons. The reader will discover a poet of delicate heart and with strong understanding of the shortness of human life in all its beauty. Anne Sharabiani wrote these poems in Finnish and later translated them into English. She hopes those who have never visited Finland will discover the poetic and mysterious beauty of the country of her origin, which has inspired many Finnish poets to write throughout the centuries. This is Anne Sharabiani's first published book. She is currently writing two other books, another poetry collection for adults and a fairy tale book for children. She says, "The biggest effort was the translation. Since I could not find any qualified poetry translator, I had to have a courage to do it all by myself. Translating poetry is the most difficult thing to do, even for an experienced translator."

Author: Anne

Anne Sharabiani is a Finnish poet.

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