Secret Intelligence, Dark Rim.

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Author’s review

I am very satisfied with the work and the honest comments provided. Many thanks to my editor, Ken, for his excellent editorial assessment while maintaining my voice as an author. I am looking forward to seek your service for my future fiction projects.


A short introduction

Pursued by the Ventures, the world's most dangerous and rarely known criminal organization, 14-year-old Nathan Doyle's life has changed almost instantly by numerous threats of death and the abduction of his aunt. Nathan knows very well it is the one thing he could not give up that causes all these ... but why?

He is offered help by the IIO, a secret agency that exists to control terrorism, criminals and the Ventures' activities. Seems noble, but in the world of intelligence, no one could be righteous. One tries to capture and kill Nathan, another chooses to save then exploit him.

At first it doesn't look to be the worst ... but when things get wild as his best friend is hurt by a deadly bullet, Nathan is forced to leave his old life. Whether he trusts the IIO or not, he agrees to his first mission that will bring him to the deepest depth in the Pacific. His primary objective: to locate the illegal presence of a nuclear facility in a deep-sea research centre.

Untrained and inexperienced, the chances of survival are slim. But Nathan knows one thing for sure, he has an aunt to save. Despite everything, adventuring 3000 metres below sea level, it just takes 2 micro seconds to get killed if the glass breaks. He has to think of coming back to the surface alive.

Author: Enoch

Enoch Chang is a fifteen-year-old schoolboy who always waits for the last bell in his class. Inspired by Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series, he decides to write something interesting of his own. During his free time, he reads, writes and plays games. Occasionally, he wonders who left mysterious letters outside his door.

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