Seek and Ye Shall Find--It's a Testimony

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Author’s review

I was impressed with the editing service that your company offered. The editor was great and gave me encouraging feedback. The feedback inspired me to keep pushing ahead. It is very hard for new low-keyed authors in the industry (if you are not a well known celebrity). I published my book back in September 2014 and have been on a book tour last year. This fall I will be hosting my own TV talk show for a local TV station in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and promoting my book.

A short introduction

This book will inspire others to overcome the obstacles that may be present in life. It will also encourage you to press on through life and to never give up.

Author: Virginia

Currently lives in Dallas, Tx. Virginia received her Bachelor's degree in Business Management and then completed a double Masters--an MBA and Human Resources.

Virginia has a background of administrative and management skills. She has been a motivated speaker in multiple training sessions and seminars. Virginia continues to spread the good news of being an overcomer across the DFW and surrounding areas.

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