Krill America

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Dr. Marian was very helpful and is quite perceptive. It's obvious she took the time to read every word to gain an in-depth understanding of the story.


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Notable Reviews:

"...writer to watch in 2015" "”Marsha Wright, BBC

"...painted in fantastic gritty reality." "”Wes Chick, Playwright

"...unrelenting tension and suspense." "”Dr. Marian, First Editing

"...stick with you ...lasting impression." "”Laurie Forehand

An aging research vessel, the Port of Galveston, Krill America, is suddenly flooded by an underwater earthquake and dashed against the jagged edge of a glacial iceberg. Her battered surviving crew members are thrust into a perilous struggle for survival against the freezing waters of Antarctica's Southern Weddell Sea, the most ruthlessly treacherous place on earth.

Crippled and sinking, the remains of the ship are the only hope of Max, an elderly Mexican seaman, and his fellow shipmates. Without basic function and facing diminishing supplies of food and water, the crew labors tirelessly to restore broken and antiquated systems in order to provide essential electricity, power, and heat. Max recounts the events and describes strained relations among crew members who compete for control and those who vie for the affections of Kat, the only remaining female member of the crew. Eventually, the Krill America sinks into the sea, leaving the exhausted crew to salvage and huddle into a small derelict shell-of-a-shrimp-boat while hoping desperately for rescue from a certain death-by-winter. A surprising and stunning conclusion reveals a hidden truth that no one, least of all Max, suspects.

"Krill America" is a "relentless impending death" fast-paced thriller suspense novel that has been described as a cross between "The Old Man and the Sea", "The Flight of the Phoenix" and "Titanic". Prepare to take a mind-bending roller-coaster journey to the bottom of the world as KRILL AMERICA sails to crush a frigid cabin-fever winter with "I was there" graphic wealth.

Author: Ray

Ray Palla Biography

Born: 11/18/1953 in Williamson County, Taylor, Texas

If souls have previous lives, Ray Palla was a scribe in his distant past. He was fifteen years old when he got his first paying job as a writer, editing and reporting news for a small daytime AM radio station in Central Texas. By the time Ray was a high school junior he had become a morning show news producer for the top station in Austin. Ray then progressed professionally to become afternoon news anchor at Houston's number one KIKK.

Over a thirty year career Ray interviewed astronauts who walked on the moon like Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin and the late Neil A. Armstrong, U.S. Senators like J. J. (Jake) Pickle, Lieutenant Governors, Texas Governors Dolph Briscoe & Mark White, and a host of other influential notables including: musicians, actors, comedians, sports legends, and every day people.

Keeping an eye on the writing, Ray not only broke world news stories to the Associated Press, but he also boasts awards for several national advertising campaign jingles for customers that include Ford, Purina, and Exxon. Ray has even received an award as an international poetry contestant.

Today Ray travels the U.S. in his RV and writes about what he sees, mixing a great deal of truth with a vivid imagination.

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