Pearls for an Infidel

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My first book was edited by another company. I took for granted that their editing was good but mistakes were made and I quickly learned that I needed to be more involved in the process ... and find a new editing company.

For my second novel, I found FirstEditing in a web search and gave it a try. My editor did a terrific job. She was thorough and made good suggestions throughout my manuscript. I'm quite proud of my second book and glad that I found FirstEditing. I also found your pricing to be competitive.

A short introduction

"Pearls for an Infidel," an action-packed thriller that is extremely relevant to our times. America has become new soil for terrorist targets and radical followers, even as we fight terrorism abroad. Adam Moss, an army specialist, is part of a six man team dropped into the treacherous Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan to locate and eliminate a terrorist group operating in a cave. He is unaware that his wife, Katherine Moss and son, TJ, have been captured in Manassas, Virginia by a contingent of the very terrorists his team seeks until he is sat in front of a video monitor. On the screen, he and his wife stare at each other, both wearing suicide vest and suddenly realizing the nightmare they are in. Leveraged against each other, Kat Moss is forced to become the real heroin of the story as she summons the courage to foil a horrific plan to assassinate the President's children along with all of their classmates at Sidwell Friends School. Husband and wife, ransomed with each other's lives drive this suspenseful thriller from Afghanistan to Front Royal, and finally to its nail-biting conclusion in Flint Hill, Virginia.

"Pearls for an Infidel" is currently under consideration for a movie by a Hollywood producer.

Author: Michael

Michael A. Durney owns Interactive Marketing, a developer of customer loyalty programs, including the successful Welcome Back Rewardsâ„¢ cloud-based app designed for independent merchants. Prior to his involvement with Interactive Marketing, he spent seventeen successful years with the 3M Company.

Durney graduated with his BA from St. Francis University in 1975. He lives with his wife Linda in Front Royal, Virginia. They have four children and three grandchildren. For more information contact Michael Durney at 540-635-4719.

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