Working In Time

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Author’s review

The editor understood where I was coming from, gave it a nice polish and turned my writing into a publishable book from scrap. Apart from the free sample and honest editor's feedback, I felt that they had professionalism - they made a personal call to me to ensure that I could clear my doubts over the phone as opposed to writing, which could cause miscommunication. Even though I struggled with the plot and Table of Contents, I was happy that they could aid me with it and I'm about to release my first book soon.

Many thanks to First Editing!

A short introduction

Not too many people could relate to working adults growing up. I had the chance to go through different things in life which aid me in my growth. This book is written based on the author's point of view towards work and all that relates to it.

If you enjoy hard truths with a wit you will love this book. It discusses things like work ethic, tips on different work and life issues and more. It is as straightforward as it can get. Have you ever wondered how to get better customer service at a restaurant? Have you ever heard of the importance of "who knows you" instead of just "who you know"? Ever wondered on how to deal with office politics? Or even how to deal with a lazy kid? The answers and more are found inside this book. The deal is this; age is not a factor here and I encourage you to give it a try.

Author: Kieroy

Knows nothing about the future, but takes one day at the time and gives his best in everything.

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