Online book editing is something many new authors take for granted, but it wasn’t always so simple, and many of the services now readily available to authors were much harder to come by. This is the huge advantage modern writers have over previous generations of writers.

Not so many years ago, when authors wanted to send their finished manuscript to an editor, it was usual for them to print it out, package it up, and send it off in the post. (Some publishing houses still only accept manuscripts this way.) The editor hired to get the work into shape and ensure it was ready for publishing would go through and mark up the pages using colored pens. All corrections were shown using a set of well-known proofreading symbols, and suggestions were made in the form of handwritten notes.

When the author received their pages back (assuming nothing tragic happened to the package en route) they would then need to go through and transfer all the written changes into typed pages, either on a word processor or, going back even further, on a typewriter.

Things are much easier for authors who need book editing these days. Now that computers are commonplace and so many services are available via the Internet, authors can simply send their manuscripts out for book editing as a digital file. Their work still ends up in the hands of a competent and experienced personal editor, but with online book editing the editor makes all their changes and suggestions directly on the digital file. Once the author receives their corrected and polished manuscript back, all they need to do is review the adjustments and accept or reject them according to their preference. All of this can be done with only a few clicks of the mouse. A far cry from the old days of trying to decipher editing instructions via symbols and reading handwritten scrawls in margins!

Online editing isn’t the only service available to established authors looking to polish their prose, or new writers seeking to hone their craft. In addition to line-by-line editing, writers can now send their work away for personal critiques and reviews, or they can ask their professional editor to perform extra services such as writing an attention-grabbing query letter and synopsis for their book, or even the book jacket text for their back cover. Thanks to online editing, everything an author needs to kick-start their career and to keep its momentum is right at their fingertips.

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