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There are three essential phases in an author’s editing journey: developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting. Each round of revisions plays an important part in transforming your rough first draft into a publish-ready manuscript.

In this practical guide, learn how and why every author must perform an intensive story edit themselves to ensure that their story is as powerful, coherent and evocative as possible. Discover some of the most effective copyediting techniques to help tighten and strengthen your manuscript.

Find out the secret to building a strong and productive relationship with your editor.

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As an author, you are often just too close to your work to see clearly what needs to be done to take your book from good to great. After all, you’ve been living and breathing the subject and plot line for months, if not years!

That’s where our professional book editing services come in. It’s our job to clean up and critique your work — not only to improve your manuscript but also to help you avoid future snags and to become a better author overall.

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“The customer support was excellent and the turnaround time was fast. Dr. Vonda completed the editing to my satisfaction. Cost was reasonable compared to other editing services. Dr. Vonda provided many consoling comments.”
Ronald Walkersville, USA
“I appreciated the professional editing, good value for money and free sample.”
Reino Luneburg, Germany
“I loved the quality of work and the honest feedback. I would prefer direct communication with the editor, rather than through a third party.”
Robert Orlando, USA
“The professionalism and the guarantees of work done was great. I like that I got my manuscript edited fast - editing and comments of improvements. Most importantly, I like how my manuscript is being treated with respect, as I have put in a lot of time and effort. ”
Maurice Norwood, Australia
“I liked that the sample edit and the hiring process takes around 24 to 48 hours. I also love that you were able to start working on my manuscript in such a short notice. I didn't have to book an edit months in advance, which was also great. The phone ...”
Valeriya Pleven, Bulgaria