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Introduction In the realm of academic writing, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy is of the utmost...
Have you finished a novel, scientific paper, a children’s story and in search of an editor? Do you also...
Today, I’m finally going to write. Okay, well, I didn’t get around to it, but I’ll definitely write tomorrow. Huh…maybe...

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Characters are one of the best assets in your story. They can be the most likable, interesting, and even colorful characters, but how do you make them leap off the page, draw a reader in and really make them care about what happens to your protagonist? Well, if you can adequately explore what drives...
Fight scenes are one of the hardest things to write because they have the potential to be boring, unnecessary, and overcomplicated. Many writers find it difficult to write character interaction in hand-to-hand combat. But if done correctly, a fight scene can elevate your character and your story. A fight...
You may have heard phrases such as “the narrative arc is too flat” or heard it described as weak, strong, or complex and wondered what that means. The narrative arc refers to the structure and shape of your story, and how well the rising, peak and falling action are handled. So, read on, and the next...
The cursor blinks in a steady rhythm on the blank page. You type a sentence, then delete it. You type another sentence, fix a few words, then delete it. You open another document and read the chapter you wrote two months ago. You return to the blank page and stare at it again. You check your email, then...
In this article, we will take a look at some of the techniques that researchers use to narrow down or specify their chosen research topic. One of the first methods that students and researchers employ when considering which research topic to pursue is brainstorming, also known as mind mapping. This process...
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