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What Is a Story Coach?

Your Story Coach is an experienced, vetted, and certified StoryCoach editor who professionally evaluates how good your story is and then shows you specifically how to make it great! Using a successfully proven story arc to test each section of your writing, your Story Coach analyzes and tells you where and how to make your novel structurally better. Thus, you learn how to better write and self-edit from a professional editor. Combining their creative expertise from years of editing in the publishing industry, your Story Coach outlines exactly what you can do to tell a better story before publishing to success.

What Is a StoryCoach Edit?

StoryCoach Editing is a developmental editing process. It is comprehensive and fully assesses your Fiction story to determine how to perfect your overall story arc structurally. The StoryCoach Content Edit includes reviewing the 38 Story Elements, essential to creating a powerful story for publishing. This is available only upon recommendation and approval by a certified StoryCoach Editor.

The Highest Level of Developmental Fiction Editing

StoryCoach Editing is the most in-depth, high-level editing service for fiction writers. We review your entire manuscript structure and compare it with a successfully proven story arc. After evaluating the foundational elements of characters, plots, and settings, your StoryCoach Editor digs deeper into your novel’s fine details. They provide individualized coaching on the use of the 38 Story Elements as applicable to your unique manuscript. You receive an in-depth StoryCoach Edit with advice, notes, and recommendations throughout your writing. You also get a professional Summary Letter, which allows you to see the “big picture” of your story’s strengths and challenges. We only provide a Story Coach edit to approved manuscripts.

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What Does a Story Coach Provide?

Prepare for an intensive revision process after the initial StoryCoach Edit. There will be many insights to your writing which will require you to adjust your manuscript accordingly. Often our StoryCoach editors recommend reorganization, additions, and truncations to your chapters and scenes. Ultimately, you decide if you implement these changes or not. We guarantee your certified StoryCoach editor suggests these changes based upon fiction industry standards, extensive writing experience, vetted training, and proven author story arc models. Word choice, style, and copy editing are important, but they don’t matter if you do not have a great story!

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Recommended for Dedicated Story Enthusiasts as a Professional Revision

We recommend a StoryCoach Edit only for authors committed to an additional in-depth revision of their entire novel. A StoryCoach Edit is an intense and very successful method using a unique combination of publishing techniques with a high-tech writing software. You have free inside access to our patented, professional online writing and editing tool for two months following your professional edit. This allows you to complete your story’s developmental revision according to the industry’s necessary framework, which proves successful again and again for bestselling authors. Ask your editor if your manuscript qualifies for StoryCoach Editing.

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Extensive Developmental Fiction Editing

Your Story Coach conducts an in-depth review of your fiction writing and tests its strengths based upon the following sections:


  • Engagement in a Scene
  • Point-of-View
  • Scene Point-of-View
  • Plot Holes (Scenes with No Purpose)
  • Names
  • Appearances
  • Goals
  • Flow from Scene to Scene


  • Story Arc
  • Scene Name
  • Purpose
  • Pacing
  • Opening Type
  • Entry Hook
  • Anchoring
  • Closing Type
  • Exit Hook
  • Confusing Timelines


  • Absence of tension or conflict
  • Location
  • Date and Time
  • Objects
  • Senses
  • Missing Objects
  • Empty Stage Syndrome

Ask your editor to approve your manuscript for a Story Coach Edit when submitting your manuscript for a free editing sample and professional recommendation.

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Learn If You Qualify For a StoryCoach Edit!

StoryCoach Certification

Certified StoryCoach Editors are unique, experienced, and vetted professionals. Our editors have completed an exclusive 30-hour training and learned to combine their extensive in-depth Content Editing skills with StoryCoach software’s innovative technology. First Editing is the FIRST StoryCoach Certified Editing enterprise in the world. We have chosen StoryCoach because it allows us to provide a solid Satisfaction Guarantee regarding the comprehensive content editing process.


Copy Editing

Order a Copy Edit LAST before formatting and publishing.

Recommended ONLY for confident fiction writers who have completed multiple revisions and are prepared to begin formatting

Necessary as your FINAL Story Edit after all Line Edit revisions are complete

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Line Editing

Order a Line Edit as your final REVISION before sharing publicly or distributing your book.

Recommended BEFORE sharing, distribution, review or publication

Necessary MINIMUM Story Edit revision before submitting to literary agents or beta readers

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StoryCoach Editing

Order a StoryCoach Edit to achieve confidence that your story is strong. Get the most COMPREHENSIVE EDIT available. Extensive feedback!

Recommended for Coaching & FEEDBACK. Get an in-depth Development Edit to better structure and develop your story.

Necessary for REVISING, organizing and presenting your narrative. Get assistance with content editing and an extensive assessment of your plot.

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Basic Copy Editing

Basic Copy Editing includes checking your grammar, spelling, and punctuation for accuracy; ensuring consistency in your writing’s word choices, style, and compositional spacing; and eliminating jargon and repetitious words.

Copy Editing is your FINAL edit after multiple revisions with no planned changes before formatting, proofreading, and then publishing.


Standard Line Editing


Line Editing is your ideal choice when seeking professional editing services for ongoing revisions. Your Line Editor addresses your writing style, creative content, and use of language at the sentence and paragraph level.

Line Editing focuses on how you communicate with your reader. It corrects your sentence and paragraph structure, checks for subject-verb agreement, and inserts transitional phrasing as appropriate. Standard Line Editing includes our Basic Copy Editing services (correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage; eliminating jargon and repetition; ensuring style consistency; and adjusting compositional spacing). Line Editing is a more technical editing style which adheres to your chosen style guide.

Your professional Line Editor improves the continuity and flow of your writing and support statements. You also receive in-line editorial remarks, suggestions, and feedback throughout your manuscript.

Line Editing is the writing industry standard. Publishing agents and university professors recommend this as the minimum level of professional editing prior to submitting for review and consideration.


Advanced Content Editing


Content Editing is your ideal choice for completing your manuscript’s first draft when you desire honest feedback and thorough professional guidance on your overall presentation. Choose content editing for your first round of editing and always prior to peer review or public distribution as it is comprehensive.

Content Editing critiques your written presentation, flow/continuity, and consistency of thoughts. It ensures support of all statements, and it provides formatting according to industry style guides, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Your content’s structural edit includes basic copy and standard line editing which corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation; reviews your word choice; eliminates jargon and repetition; guarantees writing consistency; revises inappropriate verb tenses; and inserts transitional phrasing.

Your content editor provides professional, structural assessments and feedback on your manuscript throughout your document’s comments section.


Developmental StoryCoach Editing


Developmental Editing from a Certified Story Coach helps you craft strong stories and gain editing insight at the highest level. Strengthen your story arc, character development, and plot. We use a checklist of 38 elements for every scene for an objective edit.

Our Certified Story Coaches organize and critique your writing while making high-level corrections and critiques. Overcome rejection from foundational weaknesses with help from an experienced professional.

Get a developmental edit. This includes an outline of your story arc with instructions for improvement. Plus, we confirm your 5 key scenes and show you how to create the ideal story form. You also receive an evaluation of the word counts per scene and characters with adjustments for your genre’s pacing to ensure theme and balance. All of this is outlined in a professional summary letter referencing your edits, what you do well, where to solve issues, and explanations of why we recommend revising. This includes in-line changes, syntax rules, and feedback.

Developmental editing focuses on content development, such as the plot, scene point of view, characters, tone, voice, dialogue, pace, setting, readability, organization, and more. It is the most in-depth editing service available for storytellers.

Use your Story Coach’s unique publishing experience to assess your writing. They analyze your novel and show you HOW to make your story shine.

Delivery time is approximately 5-7 weeks.

Client Reviews
“ The professionalism, personal communication, and prices were what I liked the most.”
Evan New York, USA
“The quality of the editing I received was outstanding. Not only did my editor provide detailed comments on my work, but did so in a way that will help me learn and improve overall as a writer.”
Elissa Warren, USA
“I appreciated the personal communication. This is my first time to have a story edited and Emmil was very helpful during the process. I thought the prices were reasonable and I appreciate the suggestions from my editor, Dr. Jeff.”
Nancy Milton, USA
“I loved the free sample. I also respected what Dr. Michael suggested and made most of the changes he recommended.”
Patrick Cohoes, USA
“The editor assigned to my work was good at picking at the grammatical errors, as well as changing to the active voice in some places. Beyond that, her suggestions on ways to make my explanations and insights clearer have been helpful. Significant improvements have already been made to Appendix A thanks ...”
John Sydney, Australia