Content Editors Structure Your Manuscript & Ideas

Professional Content Editing Services give you a comprehensive, top level developmental edit. This is ideal when completing your first round of editing or critiquing your manuscript’s first draft.

You get editing plus honest feedback and thorough professional guidance. Choose professional Content Editing prior to peer review, submission, or public distribution as it is comprehensive.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Professional Content Editing services for first-drafts, first-time authors, non-native English writers, and Academic Editing Editing Services.

A content edit is a developmental edit, structural edit, and/or substantive edit

It is NECESSARY for manuscripts requiring extensive corrections of English grammar, clarity, or comprehension.

Want an In-Depth Edit to Make Your Writing Shine?

Content editing develops your overall composition to create a sound structure and cohesiveness within your manuscript.

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Level 3 - Professional Content Editing Services include:

  • Copy Editing and Line Editing (Levels 1 and 2)
  • Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Ensuring consistency in your writing, word choices, style, and compositional spacing
  • Eliminating jargon and repetition
  • Revising inappropriate verb tenses
  • Checking for subject-verb agreement
  • Inserting transitional phrasing
  • Evaluating the continuity/flow of your thoughts
  • Ensuring support of statements
  • Providing correct formatting of citations/references, and footnotes according to industry style guide formatting
  • Providing critical assessment and feedback of your manuscript throughout your document’s comments section
  • Adjusting structure and order of scenes
  • Improving cohesiveness of ideas, proposals, characters, scenes, settings, descriptions, and point of view throughout
  • Assessing the manuscript’s overall strength’s and weaknesses
  • Giving you confidence and guidance on what to do next

Your professional Content Editor ensures that you deliver the best quality writing, research, and ebook product possible to your audience. We analyze the “big picture” of your manuscript’s overall presentation.


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What Are Professional Content Editing Services?

A content edit is a developmental edit, structural edit, and/or substantive edit. It is your most comprehensive editorial and stylistic review! READ MORE…

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When Do I Need a Professional Content Edit?

Professional content editing services are ideal for your first draft. You get honest feedback and professional guidance prior to peer review or public distribution.

We recommend Content Editing for first-time authors and non-native English writers.

It is NECESSARY for extensive corrections of English grammar, clarity, or comprehension. READ MORE…

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What Does a Professional Content Editor Do?

Your professional content editor reviews in-depth every word, thought, idea, statement, detail, and reference to ensure that it is contributing positively to your document’s total presentation and purpose.

A content editor provides the most in-depth and detailed editing level available. Thus, professional content editing is the premium editing service standard in today’s industry.

In short, comprehensive content editors transform everyday writers into published authors.

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Copy Editing

Your final edit before formatting and publishing

Recommended ONLY for confident writers who have completed all revisions

Necessary as your last edit before formatting

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Full description: Copy Editing

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Line Editing

Line by line editing of your revisions

Recommended before you share publicly

Necessary before submitting to literary agents or beta readers

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Full description: Line Editing

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Content Editing + Rewrites

All-Inclusive, Done-For-You (DFY) Content Edit with up to 20% sentence rewrites and in-line critique

Recommended for in-depth editing and extensive writing support with corrections which are Done-For-You (DFY)

Necessary when you need English writing help & comprehensive editing, plus honest feedback with professional in-line critique of your overall presentation

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Full description: Executive Content Editing

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Developmental Story Editing & Critique

Evaluates the big concept of your story and answers the question “Is it any good?”

Recommended for feedback from a Certified Book Coach. Get an in-depth substantive edit to better structure and develop your story. You will also receive a professional summary letter critiquing your entire presentation.

Necessary for strengthening your story, while REVISING and organizing your narrative. Get a Certified Book Coach to assess and strengthen your storytelling.

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Full description: Developmental Editing


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Basic Copy Editing

Basic Copy Editing includes checking your grammar, spelling, and punctuation for accuracy; ensuring consistency in your writing’s word choices, style, and compositional spacing; and eliminating jargon and repetitious words.

Basic Copy Editing is your FINAL edit after multiple revisions. You request this level when you are done. You have no further changes planned before formatting, proofreading, and then publishing.


Standard Line Editing

Line Editing is your ideal choice when seeking professional editing services for ongoing revisions. Your Line Editor addresses your writing style, creative content, and use of language at the sentence and paragraph level.

Line Editing focuses on how you communicate with your reader. It corrects your sentence and paragraph structure, checks for subject-verb agreement, and inserts transitional phrasing as appropriate. Standard Line Editing includes our Basic Copy Editing services (correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage; eliminating jargon and repetition; ensuring style consistency; and adjusting compositional spacing). Line Editing is a more technical editing style which adheres to your chosen style guide.

Your professional line editor improves the continuity and flow of your writing and support statements. You also receive in-line editorial remarks, suggestions, and feedback throughout your manuscript.

Line Editing is the writing industry standard. Publishing agents and university professors recommend this as the minimum level of professional editing prior to submitting for review and consideration.


Advanced Content Editing

Content Editing is your ideal choice for completing your manuscript’s first draft when you desire honest feedback and thorough professional guidance on your overall presentation. Choose content editing for your first round of editing and always prior to peer review or public distribution as it is comprehensive.

Content Editing critiques your written presentation, flow/continuity, and consistency of thoughts. Your content editor provides professional, structural assessments and feedback on your manuscript throughout your document’s comments section. It ensures support of all statements, and it provides formatting according to industry style guides, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Your content’s structural edit includes basic copy and standard line editing which corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation; reviews your word choice; eliminates jargon and repetition; guarantees writing consistency; revises inappropriate verb tenses; and inserts transitional phrasing.



Executive Content Editing + Rewrites

Executive Content Editing is your ideal choice for advanced English editing corrections. This in-depth writing assistance encompasses Content, Line and Copy Edits for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency of verb tenses.

You get our in-line professional Editorial Critique of your English writing strengths and challenges. You will receive sentence rewrites of up to 20% of your entire document, when necessary.

Executive Content Editing ensures you have a smooth English presentation which reads easily. Your in-line editorial critique evaluates your writing’s overall substance, organization, and presentation. You have insight into your writing, along with improvements made on your behalf. Upon completion, you can use the positive professional editorial commentaries to enhance your book marketing.


Coaching Developmental Story Editing & Critique

Get a Developmental Edit with a Certified Book Coach who evaluates your story and gives you professional insight and instructions at the highest level. Strengthen your story arc, character development, and plot. We use a checklist of 38 elements for every scene for an objective edit to show you exactly where and how to strengthen your writing.

Our Certified Developmental Editors structurally organize and professionally critique your manuscript’s story. You get a high-level, substantive review with specific feedback for making revisions. Your book coach helps strengthen your presentation before you contact an agent. This allows you to overcome rejection due to common foundational weaknesses. Get help from an experienced publishing professional first.

Receive an in-depth Developmental Edit with analysis of your writing, reader engagement, and structural strength, plus a professional summary letter critiquing your entire presentation. The Developmental Edit includes an outline of your story arc with instructions for improvement. We also confirm your 5 key scenes and show you how to create the ideal story form. You receive a comprehensive evaluation of the word counts per scene and per character. We will recommend adjustments for your genre’s pacing to ensure theme consistency and overall balance. All of this is outlined in a professional summary letter which references your necessary revisions, highlights what you do well, instructs you where and how to solve specific issues, and explains why we recommend such. The developmental edit includes in-line changes, syntax rules, and feedback.

Developmental fiction editing focuses on story development, such as the plot, scene, point of view, characters, tone, voice, dialogue, pace, setting, readability, organization, and more. It is the most in-depth editing service available for storytellers.

Get a certified Story Coach who has unique publishing experience to assess your writing. They will developmentally edit and analyze your novel to show you HOW to make your story shine.

Delivery time is approximately 5-7 weeks.

Client Reviews
“I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the services of FirstEditing for editing my manuscript, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the experience. From start to finish, they exceeded my expectations in several key areas. What did I like most about FirstEditing? It's hard to choose just one ...”
Michael Tel Aviv, Israel
“Professionalism and reliability coupled with prompt responses and on-time delivery make this a service you cannot beat! My book, an Amazon best seller in three categories, was edited by First Editing. They certainly contributed to its success! I was so pleased with the personal communication, prompt response to my questions, ...”
Carroll Tampa, USA
“Very professional. Dr. Michael did an excellent job and certainly showed me why everyone needs an editor. It is true you can't edit your own work successfully. His fresh eye improved my book greatly! As a first-time author, the free sample helped me to feel comfortable. I very much appreciated ...”
Barbara Kansas City, USA
“Professionalism and Allison's great work at rewriting portions.”
Tarek Watertown, USA
“I loved the professionalism, the transparency of what was being offered, the timeliness of the response, and the final edit. What I loved most was that the editor assigned to work with me understood the story I was trying to tell and gave me insight that improved my vision of the ...”
Michael Glendive, USA

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