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Technical Copy Editing

Order a Technical Edit as your LAST REVISION before submitting publicly or distributing your manuscript.

Technical Copy Editing is your ideal choice during the final revisions of your research. We recommend this only if you are fluent in the English language.

Your Technical Copy Editor corrects your grammar and improves the organization, style, readability and tone of your manuscript.

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Developmental Impact Editing

Order a Developmental Impact Edit if you are looking for research collaboration, consultation &  coordination for high impact results.

Developmental Impact Editing is the most comprehensive editing service for researchers and academically publishing authors.

You receive consultation with a qualified subject matter expert and technical editor early in your writing process to create a higher impact with your research.

Multi-Round Edits and Final Proofread before submission included.

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More Details: Standard Technical Copy Editing

Technical Copy Editing is your ideal choice during the final revisions of your research. We only recommend this if you are fluent in the English language.

Your selected technical copy editor correct your manuscript’s grammar and improve the organization, style, readability and tone of your manuscript. The Copy Editor provides you with valuable editorial insights, corrections, remarks, suggestions, and explanations throughout your manuscript.

Technical Copy Editing includes:

  • Enhancing and correcting your English language
  • Formatting to journal style guidelines (e.g., APA, MLA)
  • Fixing spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Improving and remedying word use
  • Eliminating jargon, repetition, and redundancy
  • Reworking sentence and paragraph structure
  • Verifying style and terminology consistency
  • Correcting citations and reference format
  • Providing a final proofread and quality check
  • Using Tracked Changes to show all modifications
  • Reducing up to 10% of your word count as necessary
  • Issuing a free Editing Certificate upon request

ONE FREE “Final Proofread” of prior manuscript submission’s corrections.


More Details: Premium Substantive Content Editing

Advanced Substantive Content Editing is your ideal choice when you need honest research feedback, an expert academic evaluation, and thorough professional guidance on overall concept and presentation.

This level is necessary when your manuscript requires additional writing support. ESL authors with limited English language proficiency and inexperienced authors require this service.

We recommend Substantive Content Editing for a manuscript that requires extensive formatting to comply with journal submission guidelines.

Advanced Substantive Content Editing includes all of Level 1 Technical Copy Editing services plus the following advanced services:

  • Assignment of your manuscript to a scientific editor with expert knowledge and understanding of your subject matter
  • Comprehensive English language corrections and modifications
  • Confirmation that your intended meaning and the substance of your manuscript communicate accurately
  • Critique of the presentation, flow, continuity, and consistency of thoughts
  • Evaluation of evidence provided to support claims, assertions, and conclusions
  • Validation of technical accuracy
  • Direct Communication with your editor during and after your edited manuscript is returned


  1. “Editing Certificate” upon request
  2. ONE FREE Multi-Round Edit required before the final proofread
  3. ONE FREE Final Proofread of prior manuscript submission’s corrections

More Details: Impact Developmental Impact Editing

Developmental Impact Editing is the Comprehensive Editing Service for researchers and academically publishing authors.

You receive consultation with a highly qualified subject matter expert and technical editor early in your writing process to create a higher impact with your research.

Increased competition makes it difficult to publish research in the world’s premier journals.

Our expert academic editors collaborate closely with you throughout your drafting stage to create a compelling manuscript that distinguishes your important work and impresses high impact journal editors.

Developmental Impact Editing includes ALL Level 1 Standard Technical Copy Editing AND Level 2 Premium Substantive Content Editing services PLUS the following Level 3 Developmental Impact Editing premium services:

  • Collaborating with an expert HIGH IMPACT EDITOR with extensive subject matter knowledge and production value expertise
  • Implementing a professional content review and  online CONSULTATION at an early stage to ensure high-quality documentation is compiled for later use in manuscript preparation
  • Optimizing your Abstract to improve exposure via searches conducted by other researchers CRITIQUING and recommending improvements to your supporting visual elements, such as tables, images, figures, diagrams, and schematics


  1. “Editing Certificate” upon request
  2. “High impact English LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENT” to highlight the core elements of the manuscript in a compelling, persuasive, and convincing manner
  3. “Expert Content Assessment Report” (ECAR) to clarify content-based strengths and weaknesses
  4. UP TO FIVE Multi-Round Edits required before the final proofread (within 6 months)
  5. ONE Final Proofread of prior manuscript submission’s corrections

The First Editing Academic Editorial Services

We match your manuscript with an Academic English editor who has a strong research background and experience in your subject-area. Your editor is one of our PhDs, MDs, physicians, postgraduates, engineers or journal peer reviewers.

Your Academic Editor has top level technical competency and an in-depth understanding of the finer nuances of your subject, relevant writing conventions, terminology, etc.

You receive proven research-based editing since your editor has experience editing within the same research area and can provide valuable feedback to support your publication journey.

Your language and subject expertise shines after professional editing delivers a high-quality manuscript. Thus, you can confidently submit your manuscript for peer-review and publication.

Your professional Academic English Editor ensures your manuscript is free of all errors and matches the international publishing standards within your field and industry.

Since 1994, First Editing has professionally proofread and edited scholarly papers and university proposals written by researchers, students, individuals, corporations, and other entities worldwide.

Our skill, expertise, and integrity have helped us successfully perfect the writing of SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND clients! We hire only seasoned, professional academic editors, and we absolutely GUARANTEE your satisfaction.

  • Scientific Journal Articles
  • Abstracts
  • Research
  • Symposiums
  • Technical Papers

Get Your Edited Academic Paper Accepted in a High Impact Journal!

The First Editing team is proud to offer conventional proofreading & academic editorial services for your research paper!


If you don’t see what you need on the list above, click here to obtain a firm academic editing rate quote and a FREE professional editing sample for YOUR project.

REMEMBER: On our order form, you’ll be able to make selections from a menu of options featuring numerous secondary services including, but not limited to comprehensive content editing, choice of citations style guides, formatting services, critical reviews, private consultations, and more! If you can write it, we can edit it!

Furthermore, be sure to include your journal formatting requirements, particularly with respect to title page information, abstract structure, and reference style to speed up your submission and review process. Editing services do not include formatting to set margins, spacing, font, and font size. Please add the Formatting in Word additional service if you wish to receive formatting.

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Client Reviews
“Firstly, we want to thank First Editing for their professional services. You provide a very user-friendly service and outstanding customer service. Thank you. Secondly, we want to thank Jefferson. Thank you for taking the time to work on our treatment. Your line editing was excellent. You perfectly corrected the tense, ...”
Samantha Greenvale, Australia
“The editor disagreed with me over the title, and I finally changed it to one that I thought of long after he finished editing.”
Gary Oklahoma City, USA
“I appreciated the customer service who were patient with my lack of understanding of your editing company process. My editor Michael also gave me a positive, kind, constructive critique. I felt vulnerable with my manuscript share and Michael was great with interacting with me.”
Anne Alameda, USA
“The editor I worked with, Rob was thoughtful and dedicated to my project. He was devoted to working with me directly which I found incredibly helpful. At the outset, he took the time to learn about my research and where I wanted it to go. In the end, he knew almost ...”
Kevin Stamford, USA
“I like the fact that Jennifer read the story and edited word by word. She added life into the story. She changed a few words, which gave me a bright idea on how to continue.”
Susana Bursins, Switzerland